lunedì 3 dicembre 2012

Peace on Earth #4

For this Peace on Earth 5 hunt , today I display the lovely items donated by "hue are you ?" KittyCats and Callie Cline.

On my hand you can see a lovely color changing ring from Callie Cline and a on my shoulder the  Kitten  pet from KittyCats.

Against a background built with the lights that can be found in the "hue are you?  "  hunt pack I am wearing the pants and the mesh sweater called "bright lights" that can be found in the gift pack as well.

The mesh sweaters come in 4 colors , gold, green, blue and red and in five sizes . Included in the gift pack there are as well these multicolor  pants with its paired  shirt. 

hue are you ?- bright lights gear and goods pack ( POE5 gift )
Callie Cline-  Eternal Peace Ring color changing ( POE 5 gift)
KittyCats - Kitten Shoulder Pet ( POE 5 gift)
skin Glam Affair Leah
hair Shag  - Bombshell
nails Candynail
lashes Miamai

model and photographer Arialee Miles
More information about the event can be found on the Peace on Earth official blog at

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